Ryzen3 3100 RX550 8GB Gaming desktop PC AMD Ryzen3 3100 4 Core, 120GB SSD,PUBG GTA V,Desktop Computer no laptop

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:Radeon RX550 4GB
:1 year
:4 core 4 thread
processor:AMD Ryzen3 3100
Hard drive capacity:120GB SSD
Recommended use:Gaming
Recommended use:Gaming
operating system:Windows 10
Memory Capacity:8GB DDR4 2666MHz

This revolutionary PC Game, designed from the ground up with unlimited play in mind, has no equivalent. With beastly power and the best components to innovate together, easily master the latest AAA games of the moment. You can easily update your equipment to evolve with you, and satisfy any demand.

Los potentes gráficos AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics proporcionan un rendimiento rápido, sin interrupciones y fluido en los juegos que te apasionan, rendimiento que necesitas para trabajos exigentes y juego en serio, sin comprometer la calidad.

Equipo Gamer Entrada para Juegos Árcade, Emulación, Moba y shooter

Fortnite Battle Royale // Calidad Media // 50-80 FPS

Call of Duty: Warzone // Calidad Media // 50-70 FPS

Grand Theft Auto V . // Calidad Media // 60-70 FPS

Rainbow Six Siege ... // Calidad Media // 60-80 FPS

League of Legens .... // Calidad Media // 90-120 FPS

Counter-Strike ........ // Calidad Media // 80-90 FPS

Apex legends ......... // Calidad Media // 50-80 FPS

Overwath ................. // Calidad Media // 90-110 FPS

Paladins ................... // Calidad Media // 80-90 FPS

PUBG ..................... // Calidad Media // 40-60 FPS



Raise the level of your game with the AMD Ryzen ™ 3 1200G 4-core, 4-wire 3.6 GHz speed and 4.0 speed turbo with 4 MB L3 Cache processor, turning your PC into a machine to defeat your opponents.

MEMORY RAM 8GB DDR4 frequency 2666Mhz will take care of giving your team the power and strength to run your favorite programs and games

HARD DRIVE 1tb 32Mb Cache storage

Save all your games, music, files, photos and programs