Ridged All Weather Waterproof Rubber Vehicle Floor Mats - 4 Piece Set

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Protect your car truck or SUV with these premium quality 3 piece all-weather rubber floor mats. Your vehicle’s interior is constantly under siege from the elements. Mud Snow Water and Ice are daily tracked into your Car or Truck wreaking havoc on your floors while slowly damaging and deteriorating your investment. These unique 4 piece floor mats act as a shield against these elements protecting your floors while channeling mud and water into easy-to-clean pockets and ridges. Raised ridges to catch and capture Mud Snow Dirt Grit and Spills. Simply spray to clean. High quality and durable rubber lasts longer than conventional fiber mats that absorb the mess. Customizable fit for a huge range of make and models. Easy to trim to a perfect custom fit. These all-weather mats are made with the highest quality durable rubber built to last season after season. The weather and stain-resistant quality of these mats ensure that they will look new for years to come. Heavy-duty ridges and divots help to clear mud and snow from your shoes and boots while keeping it trapped in the mat and clear from your vehicle's carpeted flooring.


CUSTOM FIT: Front mats measure 17.7 W x 28.35 inches long. The rear mats measure 17.7 W x 17.5 inches long and all can be trimmed along prefabricated lines for a more contoured fit.

SLIP & SPILL PROTECTION: Rubberized nibs on the bottom secure it in place while traction ridges divots and edges on top clear mud sand and snow from your shoes trap it in the mat and keep it from getting on your carpet.

DURABLE: Made from an advanced formula rubber are waterproof stain-resistant and build to last season after season performing like new for years.

EASY TO CLEAN: Simply spray with a hose wipe with a washcloth or vacuum to remove dirt grit and grime to leave them looking and feeling like brand new.

FRESH FROM FACTORY: These mats come directly from the factory and may need to be aired out before use.


30 Day Warranty