Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats - 4 Piece Set

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Rubber Floor Mats protect your vehicle's interior as you drive in comfort and style. The floor mats are designed to give your feet ease while on the road. Choose from one of several different designs to match your vehicle's interior and style. The floor mats defend your vehicle's floor from dirt mud liquid hair leaves and normal wear and tear. These non-skid floor mats are stain-resistant heat resistant durable and easy to clean. PROTECT YOUR FLOOR: Your vehicle's interior is constantly under siege from the elements. Mud snow water and ice come into your car daily wreaking havoc on your interior while slowly damaging and deteriorating your investment. OxGord Floor Mats shield against these elements protecting your floors while channeling mud and water into easy-to-clean pockets and ridges. TRIM TO A CUSTOMIZED FIT: OxGord Floor Mats are easily customizable for a large variety of makes and models. The front and rear mats are specifically designed to fit the most popular models on the road. BUILT TO LAST: OxGord Floor Mats are made with the highest quality durable rubber built to last season after season. The weather- and stain-resistant quality of our mats ensure that they will look new for years to come. EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: Use water to wash away the dirt mud hair and more that were captured by the floor mats. The waterproof rubber allows you to simply spray each mat clean of dirt mud grit and grime restoring the mats' luster and shine with each wash.


  • High quality lasts longer than conventional mats that absorb the mess
  • Customizable fit for a huge range of make and models.
  • Fits most US vehicles
  • All-weather floor mats ideal for cars trucks SUVs and vans.
  • Perfect for all seasons and all weather conditions.
  • Raised ridges to catch and capture mud snow dirt grit and spills.


30 Day Warranty